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Tranny Ranch

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A tranny is arguably the perfect combination of both sexes. They have the big breasts, soft curves, and beautiful face of a female and the hard dick and sexual drive of a male. How many times have you been trying to convince a woman to have sex and she feeds you a line about being too tired? With a shemale youíd never get that line because sheís got a pair of balls producing hormones just like you do and she wants to fuck just as much as you do. Tranny Ranch is a great place to see this phenomenon in action as the lovely ladies there get laid all the time.

A typical scene at the Ranch begins with our tranny meeting her potential lover. They flirt a little bit, kiss a little bit, and then he whips out his cock and she goes to work. She gives a top notch blowjob and plays with her own cock, all leading up to the eventual ass fucking which marks the climax of each hot scene. Some of the scenes feature two trannies and two is always better than one.

Memberís Area of Tranny Ranch:

The design of the Tranny Ranch memberís area leaves a little to be desired. Itís fairly bland, especially the gray background which sucks any joy out of the site. The first thing youíll most likely notice is the latest content update, which comes with a title, a picture, and a description of the action. If you want to watch the video or check out the pictures just follow the clearly laid out links. Browse a little further down the page and youíll probably find yourself disappointed, just like I was.

Tranny Ranch Members Zone #1Tranny Ranch Members Zone #2

The problem is that Tranny Ranch only features 7 episodes. Each comes with a full length video and a picture gallery, but it feels like they didnít even try. It seems like a stretch to expect people to pay good money for so little content. The worst part is there will never be another video added. The updates stopped long ago, probably shortly after the site was launched. Each update is well done and features great hardcore sex, but youíll be finished with everything in a week. Of the scenes available the best is Chirra & Kelly, which features two hot trannies having sex with one lucky guy.

Normally a site can offer bonus content to ease the pain caused by a lack of original content. The trouble is most of the time this doesnít apply with tranny sites. In this case they offer access to, which features streaming videos of tranny hardcore. Itís a good site, but you paid for downloadable videos, which you wonít be getting. The other bonus content is all straight stuff, although thereís a ton of it, including downloadable videos.

Conclusion: Iíve rarely seen a site that features as little original content as Tranny Ranch. Itís puzzling as to why they bothered launching it if they werenít planning on updating it ever. I like the 7 episodes that they have added Ė quite a bit in fact Ė so I can recommend the cheap trial offer to check them out.

Site Tranny Ranch reviewed on 09-01-07

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