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Hot Guys Wrestling

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I always love a site that gets its message across in the title. Hot Guys Wrestling is such a simple and direct title for a site that itís impossible not to respect the choice. In just three words you know exactly what the site is about and what you can expect when you enter the memberís area. If you donít know then visiting the site will illuminate you. On the front page thereís an embedded video of two naked guys rolling around on the ground trying to pin each other. Delving further into the tour reveals that after the wrestling is over the hot fucking begins.

Hot Guys Wrestling is comprised of pictures and videos featuring sexy naked guys wrestling with each other. They really commit to the concept though; these guys are truly trying to pin each other with legitimate wrestling movies. Itís a wonder that theyíre not severely injured in all the grabbing and groping. Itís clear that theyíve had some experience with the sport. In reality though the wrestling is just a prelude to the hardcore action that everyone wants to see.

Memberís Area of Hot Guys Wrestling

Just as the siteís title is simple the memberís area of Hot Guys Wrestling is very simple. Laid out on one page are all the picture galleries and videos that on the site. As of this writing there are sixteen picture galleries and sixteen video sets that you can access. The photo galleries are broken up into several pages of thumbnailed images and theyíre incredibly easy to browse.

Hot Guys Wrestling Members Zone #1Hot Guys Wrestling Members Zone #2

A typical photo set begins with some full length and close up shots of the guys so we can get a look at them. After that they begin wrestling and the camera snaps shot after shot of the action. The guys put in each other a series of wrestling holds and attempt to pin one another to achieve victory. There are numerous poses where their genitals meet up and rub against each other, which has a strangely tantalizing effect. Theyíre not going to end up fucking at that moment but it makes it obvious that it will be happening soon. Eventually it does happen and the camera does a good job of capturing that.

The videos at Hot Guys Wrestling are downloadable and run 15-30 minutes long depending on the skill and commitment of the wrestlers. I find the videos to be superior to the pictures because the guys are allowed to wrestle freely without having to stop and pose for the camera. That element makes the photos seem fake and takes away some of their power and eroticism. The videos donít suffer from those troubles and are the best part of the site.

Conclusion: Hot Guys Wrestling deserves credit for originality. This is the only site Iíve ever seen that features naked guys wrestling and fucking each other, although that doesnít mean others havenít done it before. Although the site is content poor at the moment what they have is so original and thrilling that itís worth trying out for a trial membership at the very least. Also, it appears as though theyíre updating on a frequent basis, which once again provides more value.

Site Hot Guys Wrestling reviewed on 03-05-07

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