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Will She Gag asks a question in their title and the answer always comes up yes. The girls never fail to gag, mostly because the cocks being shoved down their throats are far too big for them to handle. Also, the guys arenít the least bit gentle when it comes to using the girlís mouths like pussies; it can get pretty rough. Most blowjob sites feature the girl in control of the action. She holds the cock in her hand and bobs up and down on it as she sees fit, so as not to choke on it. Here the guy is in control of the action and he can do whatever he pleases.

A typical scene at Will She Gag begins with the girl looking into the camera and announcing her desire to suck, and gag on, cock. Her wish is granted when her scene partner whips out his hard cock, grabs her head, and shoves his dick inside. All the girl can do is hold her mouth open and hope that he doesnít make her gag enough that sheís forced to vomit. The girls are all really hot, which is a boon, and each scene is lovingly filmed by a skillful camera man.

Memberís Area of Will She Gag:

Will She Gag uses lovely blues in the memberís area, giving the site a friendly and welcoming look. They also put orange to use when highlighting the areas of particular import and it contrasts nicely with the blue. The very first thing youíll see is the latest update. Thereís a picture and a description of the action there, as well as links to the download page if you want to get started right away. Normally Iíd say that you should come back often to check for new updates, but that wonít be happening at Will She Gag. They havenít updated in months and they wonít be updating ever again, so youíll have to enjoy the 13 episodes offered to you.

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Each episode comes with a picture gallery and several video clips. The picture galleries are generally huge and are perfect for warming yourself up while you wait for your video to download. You can grab the videos in 15 small clips or 3 large clips, depending on how long youíd like to wait before watching. The movies are available in high resolution, which is a blessing. My favorite scene features Nikki, a pretty blonde babe who gets face fucked while sitting on the edge of the bed in a motel room. I watched the entire thing and enjoyed the hell out of it.

Because there are only 13 content sets at Will She Gag they decided to give you a ton of bonus content to ease the pain a little. The first thing you get is access to 8 bonus sites in the same network. Each offers downloadable video and some have far more than 13 videos. Thereís also a page with downloadable mpegs from several different content niches. Lastly you can access a seemingly endless amount of streaming content both hardcore and soft.

Conclusion: Will She Gag answers the question with a resounding yes, but they donít do it often enough to warrant an immediate sign up for a long term membership. 13 content sets arenít enough, even with all the bonus content. Instead of committing long term Iíd recommend that you try out the trial and give the bonus stuff a taste.

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Date: 09-02-07 Site URL: www.willshegag.com
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Ratio: 7.8/10 Niches: Cum Shots, Oral

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