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College is a great time for everyone involved. Young men get to have as much sex as they can handle because the women are finally loosening up with the availability of unlimited alcohol and the freedom of being away from their parents for the first time. Into that debauchery steps Insane Coeds with the determination to create a top notch adult site filled with hot chicks having even hotter sex. The result is a classic collection of quality videos featuring beautiful young babes.

The ladies of Insane Coeds fall into two categories: those that are willing to go hardcore and those that are not. The picture galleries and video clips of this hot site have a little bit of both and both are a pleasure to watch. The hardcore scenes are pretty straightforward with a little bit of kissing and fondling before the girl gets naked and the dick sucking begins. After that she gets fucked and we all cheer in joy and happiness. The softcore scenes feature stripping, fingering and occasional dildo play.

Member’s Area of Insane Coeds:

Given how smooth and well designed the tour is I was surprised to find the member’s area a bit of a mess. One of the big selling points of this site is all the bonus content they offer, but they push it at you so hard it ends up overwhelming the original productions of Insane Coeds. They’re supposed to hit you with the bonus stuff after you’ve gotten tired of the content you paid for. Maybe they’re pushing the bonus content because there’s so little original content. There are nine video clips in the member’s area of Insane Coeds (not counting bonus content) and that doesn’t really cut it.

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Every scene but two features a solo babe playing with herself; of the other two one is a hardcore scene and the other is a lesbian scene. The girls are incredibly hot and the camera work is good, but you’ll be done with everything within a week if you come back to the site with any regularity. The picture galleries are no better with only seven for you to browse. Once again the girls are hot and the camera work is excellent, but how are you supposed to sustain yourself on so little content?

The answer to that question seems to be the bonus content. In truth, it’s a pretty good answer. There’s a ton of content here in genres. First there’s the network of bonus sites that includes Wave Hos, Cali Teens and more. Those all have downloadable videos and hot picture galleries. You also get access to a huge selection of downloadable clips from unspecified sites. All you need to know is that you can save them to your hard drive and that they’re hot. Finally there are loads of streaming videos you can play whenever you’d like.

Conclusion: The question is whether or not the bonus content overwhelms the lack of original content at Insane Coeds. I’m of the opinion that it does, especially since you get access to six sites all packed with exclusive content. When you add in all the other content on top of that it’s hard to imagine you won’t find at least a month’s worth of stuff here. I think there’s at least four or five months worth of goodies to browse through, so the site has my recommendation.

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